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About us


This young and modern brand was launched in 2003 by M&Z Rubinetterie a well established manufacturer founded back in 1973. From the very beginning, M&Z has been focusing on providing its customers with superbly manufactured, high-quality products, and has aimed at a commercial growth based on a strong reputation for innovation. The manufacturing plant and main offices are in Bolzano Novarese, right in the centre of faucet manufacturing compound. M&Z currently employs 200 people and is considered one of the most prominent Italian tap manufacturers. The M&Z Rubinetterie name and logo has been registered in both Western and Eastern Europe, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore


Quality and design guide every company choice and are characteristics of every product within the M&Z collection.
The company's production is associated with the careful juxtaposition of attention to detail with the most advanced technical solutions. Particular focus is given to combining elegance and refinement, the beauty of design: made in Italy and maximum utility. Our Design must unite a careful plan with the modern and advanced development of innovative solutions, anticipating the desires and needs of the marketplace. Efficient products are all inspired with passion, guided by experience and perfected using cutting-edge technology.

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