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Our story


M&Z was founded in 1973 as a small factory initially focusing on the production of hand crafted materials. From the onset, M&Z has always been associated with a strong tendency for innovation and has continually dedicated attention to developments and advances in technology. By 1993 the firm comprised 40 employees and had expanded to the manufacturing of commercial products and the distribution of important foreign brands. Growth in fabrication and above all, an increase in the breadth of the cutting-edge technologies employed within M&Z, contributed to guaranteeing the maximum quality of manufactured goods. In 2003 M&Z spa turned a page in its history, launching its own products onto the Italian market. Today, with almost 300 employees, M&Z is truly a brand of its own.


Following 35 years of evolution M&Z now occupies third place in the manufacture-based ranking of Italian tap producers. This achievement has been possible due to our passion for new technology combined with a desire to remain on top of continual innovations, while keeping an eye focused on future developments. Merging with other firms has resulted in the agglomeration of an even stronger group of companies. In 2000 M&Z spa incorporated the group NuovaVercelli srl, which led to an improvement in: product control, steps along production, and in the turning and cleaning divisions. In 2003 the company joined ranks with the group CMP sas, which maximized internal production of components related to the printing and manipulation of plastics. In the same year, M&Z was recognized on the Italian market as a proper brand: this brought a change from out of house production to a new story of “design,” with top quality always remaining our overwhelming goal.

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