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History combined with tradition have assisted us in preparing for the future. M&Z has always exploited the most advanced technologies, experimenting and developing innovative solutions - refining, in every product, a passion for technology with excellent quality. Examples of our achievements include machine transfer and numerical control, robotic cleaning, automatic chrome plating, and machine testing on each and every step during production. Technology has been continually adopted with particular attention to its environmental impact. M&Z has a profound respect for our environment, and the conservation of our ecology is of prime importance to the company. All aspects of the production cycle, and all the materials used are carefully controlled, as much for quality as for the environmental impact they may have. M&Z knows about the importance of preserving the splendid natural scenery and environment which surrounds the seat of the factory.



For M&Z the goal of perfection brings with it maximum quality and a full guarantee for every single product. Since its early days the quality and professionalism of the firm has been certified by ISO. In October 1999, M&Z spa was awarded the quality standard certificate ISO 9001:2008 by the RINA certification board, renewing it again in 2008 (present certificate no. 18838/08/S). With a view to continuing to mature as a company, M&Z spa is working hard to maintain  production methods which are fully respectful of environmental issues, focusing on recycling, energy saving and  ensuring production machineries are regularly maintained in order to guarantee optimal, sustainable performances.





M&Z’s status as a proud Italian firm is based on a number of factors which include the passion for technology, the awareness of the importance of detail, experience and tradition. We offer excellent services to our clients – taking care of even the smallest details of each element while keeping our undivided attention on the fabrication of the overall product.
The incessant search for innovations and the harnessing of new technology, together with a move towards the fabrication of captivating and contemporary designs, accompany the work of the production team. Since 2007 the art direction of the company has been entrusted to a team led by the American Terri Pecora - an important move for the brand’s image. This has led to the development of a distinctive image with a unique identify on the market.



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